"We are in the same boat" towardrubber bracelets for a cause brighter future -- Xi"s speech inspires APEC business leaders
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A helicopter flies near the Leaders" Conference Center in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, on Nov 14, 2018. [Photo/Xinhua]

PORT MORESBY -- "I was looking at the vast ocean when I boarded the ship, and it struck me that we are all indeed fellow passengers in the same boat," said Chinese President Xi Jinping in his keynote speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit held here Saturday on cruise ship Pacific Explorer.

"As we brave the rough waters of the global economy and confront the many risks and challenges, it is all too befitting that we have come together on this ship to chart the course for future development and cooperation," he said, using vivid images.

With protectionism and unilateralism now casting a long shadow over the prospect of the global economy, and a multitude of changes underway across the globe, mankind has once again reached a crossroads.

"Which direction should we choose? Cooperation or confrontation? Openness or closing one"s door? Win-win progress or a zero-sum game?" Xi"s remarks prompted pondering among listeners.

And his proposals later in the speech emphasizing openness, inclusive growth and innovation inspired many who are concerned about the future of the Asia-Pacific.

Openness for more development space

Openness brings progress, while closeness leads to backwardness. In his speech, Xi said: "Economic globalization is the sure way for the human society to achieve development, and the multilateral trading system has created opportunities for us all."

Any attempt to erect barriers and cut the close economic ties among countries "is a short-sighted approach and it is doomed to failure," he noted.

Joahnna Esquivias, APEC Voices of the Future delegate from the Philippines, who was on board Pacific Explorer for Xi"s speech, told Xinhua that "President Xi"s speech was truly inspiring and focused on a future of prosperity shared by all."

Esquivias agrees that there are no winners in trade wars and looks forward to the implementation of Xi"s various proposals in the coming years.

When asked to comment on Xi"s speech, David Morris, trade commissioner with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, said that "openness and cooperation are the only way to ensure inclusive and sustainable development."

The achievements of APEC and the WTO have proven the benefits of free trade and open economies, and countries should "all recommit to further opening up," he said.

"Partnership trumps confrontation every time. There are many examples across the Asia Pacific of how effective partnerships have been developed, based on mutual benefit and understanding and respecting each other"s interests," Morris added.

John Kongoi, managing director of a telecom company in Papua New Guinea (PNG), said he was impressed by Xi"s remarks on openness. "It (openness) is important, because business, finance, trade will improve, not only in PNG, but also elsewhere."

Donald Campbell, international co-chair of Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, echoed Xi"s remarks about the world being at a crossroads. "We are either going to be closed or we are going to be open, so from my point of view he (Xi) said all of the right things."

Chen Hong, director of Asia Pacific Studies Center at East China Normal University, called Xi"s speech "a good dose of medicine" against the current global situation weighed on by protectionism and unilateralism.

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