Steering groups to gwristband custom silicone bracelets coupon codeuide fight against virus
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The National Health Commission, which is also known as the NHC, has sent 21 steering groups to hospitals and disease-control agencies nationwide, to guide the fight on the ground against the new coronavirus.

The NHC will also hold video conferences, to analyze the latest diagnostic, treatment, and infection prevention and control plans.

The NHC has helped Shanghai municipality and both Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces found medical groups to help Hubei province, where the virus is most prevalent.

The medical groups include doctors and nurses from departments including intensive care, respiratory illness, and infection control, and some are already on their way to Hubei.

Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan, who is in charge of public health affairs, held three consecutive conferences on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, in which she analyzed the situation and made further arrangements.

Sun said that the virus is still expanding geographically, and it will be necessary for relevant departments to strengthen their sense of responsibility and take stricter measures.

She stressed that key tasks include coordination among different provinces, the sharing of information, and the smooth transportation of medical devices and materials.

Echoing her direction, the NHC and related ministries have taken steps, including issuing a notice along with the Ministry of Public Security and four other ministries, that requires airports, train stations, and bus and shipping hubs to improve their health management activities to prevent the virus from spreading further.

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